7+ Top Kodi Add-ons – watch free movies

A few weeks ago we covered how to watch kodi on chromecast which got immense amount of positive feedback from our readers. Quite a few of our readers e-mailed us for a list of top 10 Kodi Add-ons to watch movies for free. Some of you guys who don’t know what Kodi is, I am including a brief overview of Kodi and who it is for.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a media center program which was found by users of XBox. It was previously known as XBMC which stands for XBox Media Center. Idea behind XBMC was to have a program which will allow the users to watch Movies, TV shows, Live TV and anything which falls under the category of Media. Today Kodi is the best media center platform which has millions of add-ons to give you the flexibility and ease of use.

Kodi is available as a free download for almost any Operating system out there. From Windows to Raspberry Pi, even there is a version of kodi for iOS which you can install on your iPhone today.

Disclaimer: The list we have listed below allow you to watch Movies and TV shows which you can’t on TV. You can even watch those movies which are still in Cinema. These addons allow Kodi to stream movies from direct links which can lead you into piracy. If you want to continue using Kodi without getting caught, I highly recommend a VPN service like

Pure VPN which offers unlimited VPN at 65% OFF.

Here are top Kodi Add-ons to watch free movies and TV


How to watch free movies with kodi

This is the add-on which will fulfill most of your needs of movies and TV Shows. This add-on has all the latest movies and TV shows that you can start watching right away. 1Channel is a free add-on which does not require any logins. To install 1Channel on your Kodi installation, You can follow the steps below or watch the video.

  1. Open Kodi and Navigate to System > File Manager
  2. Add this source in http://srp.nu/ this is the url of SuperRepo which will be required.
  3. After that go back to home and navigate to System > Settings > Add-ons and click Install from Zip
  4. Select super repo which you just added and install Super repo for Jarvis, which is latest version at the time of publishing this guide.
  5. After that close out of the repo and click Install from repository and select SuperRepo from the list.
  6. Then go to Video Add-ons and Install 1Channel from there.


top 10 kodi add ons for free movies

Genesis is another great add-on for Kodi brings back life to it. If you didn’t like 1Channel for any reason, or you were unable to find a particular movie on it, Genesis is to rescue. This Add-on is also built on same idea as 1Channel. It includes Movies and TV Shows. The only thing that I didn’t like about 1Channel and Genesis as well is that you can only watch Hollywood movies which is just a fraction of what interest you could possibly have.

Installation of Genesis is exactly same as 1Channel, Just install Super Repo and download Genesis from there.

I am again reminding you that you should not watch any movie or TV show from these add-ons without a VPN and PureVPN is offering 65% OFF if you signup for 1 year.


How to watch Torrent in kodi

KMediaTorrent is an add-on which takes Kodi experience to a whole new level. This particular add-on allows you to watch Movies straight from torrents. No need to download torrents, Although I recommend iOS users to download torrents on iPhone using iTransmission for iOS 9 but if you have KMediaTorrent Add-on installed on Kodi then your movies game is on a whole new level.

KMediaTorrent doesn’t download the torrent by default but you can change settings of it and make it save torrent files along with downloading it.

VPN subscription is a MUST here because you are downloading directly from torrents and it can lead you in legal problem. VPN helps you avoid those problems.

Installation of KMediaTorrent is also pretty straight forward and easy. KMediaTorrent is available at SuperRepo which we installed in the 1Channel Add-on installation above.


how to watch live TV and movies on Kodi

Didn’t get the hang of Genesis and 1Channel? Well, Phoenix adds up a new twist to the already awesome 1Channel and Genesis. If I made it sound too good to be true then you must give it a shot. Phoenix gives you Movies, TV Shows and Live TV channels which is not available in 1Channel and Genesis at the time of this post.

In Phoenix you have the option to choose from a lot of sources from where you can stream live TV channels, Movies and TV Shows. It may doesn’t sound a good as KMediaTorrent but I highly recommend it over KMediaTorrent because of the risk attached with torrents.


Watch Live Sport channels in kodi

If you don’t like sports, I mean who doesn’t like sports? SportDevil is the best add-on for Kodi which has all the sports Channels and shows you wish to watch on Kodi. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling, Snooker, Cricket you name it and SportsDevil is there.

To install SportsDevil kodi add-on you have to follow the steps below.

  1. Download latest version of SportsDevil from this link. Direct link to latest version can be found in first post of linked forum thread.
  2. Now open Kodi and Navigate to System > Settings > Add-ons
  3. After that you have to select Install from Zip file and select the zip file you downloaded from forum thread.

Once you have it installed, the addon will show up in the Video Add-ons section and you can start enjoying all the sports goodies you need.


how to watch netflix on kodi

If you want to continue enjoying your NetFlix subscription with Kodi then you can install NetFlix addon from the installation guide given below. We have Free NetFlix username and Passwords for our readers so that you can enjoy NetFlix without needing to pay.

Installing NetFlix Kodi Add-on is really easy.

  1. All you need to do is Download NetFlix Add-on from here.
  2. Open Kodi, Navigate to System > Settings > Add-Ons.
  3. Now click on Install from zip file and select the zip file you downloaded from 1st step.


how to watch UK TV channels for free on kodi

Sometimes finding a working link from all the sources of SportsDevil becomes a pain in the butt. Specially when you know that a particular channel is broadcasting the show you wanna watch. FilmOn.tv allows you to watch a lot of TV channels from UK, US and Canada.

Cool thing about this is that you don’t even need a login and password to watch filmOn.tv content.

  1. Open Kodi and Navigate to System > Settings > Add-ons and Select Install from repository.
  2. Select the SuperRepo from the list of repositories and go to Video Add-ons section.
  3. From there you can simply look for FilmOn.TV and install it.

The add-on will come up in the video add-ons section of Kodi and you can watch what ever you like.


How to watch pakistani indian live tv on kodi

Many families from Indian, Sub-continental backgrounds want to migrate from cable TV to Kodi but they don’t get their regional TV Channels and programs in Kodi. With ZemTV Add-On, you can enjoy Indian and Pakistani TV Channels anywhere around the world. Cool thing about this Add-on is that you don’t have to have a VPN enabled for this because there is not going to be any copyrights issue from Sub-Continent.

Installing ZemTV Add-on is also a lot simple and easy. This add-on is available at SuperRepo which we used in previous add-ons.

There you have it. If you had any problem or question regarding any add-on or anything about kodi then drop it in the comments section below and we will get back to you on that. I appreciate it if you liked it and share it with others on twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Don’t forget to get on board with our email newsletter for regular dose of awesome tutorials.


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