Download movies with Greek subs in PC, Android, iPhone and Kodi

After great response from our readers on our chromecast with kodi tutorial guide and torrent downloads on iPhone without jailbreak tutorial, many readers, speacialy from Greece asked us how can we download movies with greek subtitles. Today I will be answering this question once and for all. In this tutorial I will show you how you can download movies with Greek subtitles on Computer, iPhone, Android as well as Kodi. So that you can bookmark this tutorial and refer to it if you want to download movies with Greek subtitles.

How to download Movies with Greek subs?

Disclaimer: Well before I answer this question with complete detail, I would like to let the readers know that downloading movies without purchasing them is a very serious crime and I will not take any responsibility of your actions. This tutorial is only meant for educational purposes and only for those who have purchased the movie and just want to download Greek subtitles for it.

How to download movies with Greek subtitles on PC

If you are reading this guide then probably either you have a movie already downloaded and you want to watch it with Greek subs or you are looking for a way to download movie with Greek subs. Either way This tutorial will show you step by step what exactly you need to do.

What you will need

  1. If you haven’t downloaded the movie already then make sure to download it in at least DVD or higher quality. Check out our guide to download any torrent via IDM in full speed.
  2. VLC Player is the player of choice for almost all of the Computer users. You will need it in this tutorial as well. If you don’t have it installed already then here is the download page.

Watch the movie with Greek subs in VLC

  1. Once you have the movie downloaded in atleast DVD quality and VLC player installed in your PC. Open VLC player and Play the movie you want to download Greek subs for.Download-movies-with-Greek-subs-for-free
  2. While the movie is playing in VLC media player, Goto View > Download Subtitles and you will see a window like this one.
  3. Simply click on Language menu and select Greek from the drop down menu. You can also choose French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic or any other language you want the subtitles in and click Search.Download movies with Greek subs for free
  4. Now click Search by hash or Search by name and the extension will search for all the matching subtitles from different subtitle databases for you and list them below.
  5. Select the one matching with the name, most probably it will be the first one.
  6. Click Download selection and it will automatically download and import the subtitles in VLC. Now close VLSub and Enjoy watching the movie with Greek subs.

You might bot find greek subs for every movie out there because there are not many greek contributers making these subtitles.

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How to download Greek Subtitles for movies on Android

On Android MX Player and VLC Player are the most famous Video players available for free. We are going to use MX Player for todays task. Sure you can use VLC player but currently VLC player for android does not allow automatic downloads of subtitles for some reason.

Note: This tutorial may not work for you if you don’t have Greek language enabled in your Android phone. Just navigate to Settings and Language settings and see if you have Greek (ελληνικά) in the list of languages.

  1. Download and install MX Player on your android device from here. Make sure that you have the movie downloaded in atleast DVDRip quality. Better quality doesn’t hurt but lower quality movies don’t have much subtitles available.
  2. Once you have downloaded the movie and the player, Open the movie in MX Player and pause the playback.
  3. Now press the menu button (3 dots) and tap on Subtitle option. Now tap on “Get subtitles Online” option. On next menu, tap on Search and you will see a pop-up like the one shown below.Download greek subs for movies on android
  4. If you have your system language set to English, like I have, You will see that MX player will look for English subtitles. But We don’t want English subtitles. To download Greek Subs for the movie, Tap on the English word and select Greek (ελληνικά) from the list of languages.
  5. Now tap on search and it will look and find Greek subtitles for the movie you have paused in MX player.
  6. After searching, it will list all the available subtitles for your selected language. Select the one matches with your movie and you shall now have Greek Subtitles in your movie on Android.

Just to let you guys know that Greek is not as popular language as English or other famous language so you might find difficulties finding greek subtitles for your movies because every movie doesn’t have Greek subs available.

How to download greek subs for movies in iPhone

  1. In this tutorial I am using my iPad to demonstrate how to watch movies with Greek subtitles but this same method is applicable on every iOS device including iPhones and iPod touch as well. To start the process you will need to download an app from App Store which is called PlayerXtreme
  2. Once downloaded and installed. You can open the movie in PlayerXtreme or download it using the inbuilt browser option.
  3. After you have your desired movie downloaded or opened in PlayerXtreme, Play it.
  4. Now tap on this icon highlighted in the image shown below and select Download subtitles option.Download movies with greek subs in iphone free
  5. On the next screen you will have to select Greek from the subtitles language and tap on Search. PlayerXtreme will search online for any matching subtitles available and list them for you.
  6. Now select the subtitles that matches with your movie name the most and back out to the movie and you shall see subtitles playing with the movie.

If you are not able to find greek subtitles for a movie that you really want to watch then you can download them manually from, or

How to watch any movie with Greek subs in Kodi

While being the most user friendly and top media center solution available, Configuring subtitles in Kodi can get a little tricky. That is why I have this completely step by step guide written for the readers so that you can watch any movie you like with greek subs in Kodi.

  1. Open Kodi and navigate to System > Settings. I am using the default layout of Kodi 16.1 because most of the users who use custom skins know how to get subtitles configured correctly.Watch movies with Greek subtitles in Kodi
  2. Click on Video in the next screen.Download movies with Greek subs in iPad
  3. Now Select subtitles and scroll a little down until you see Default TV show service and Default Movie service.Download movies with Greece subs
  4. Open Default Movie service and Click Get More button.
  5. Kodi will by default list all the services from where it can fetch the subs. For greek subs I found to be more reliable but you can choose or as well.
  6. Either one of the mentioned services you select, Kodi will download and set it for you.
  7. You will also need to set the language in which you want to download the subtitles. Make sure that Greek is selected otherwise the subtitles will only show up in English.How to download movies with Greek subs
  8. Now play any movie that you want to watch in Kodi and Click on the subtitles button and select download.Watch any movie with Greek subs in Kodi
  9. Kodi will show all the available subtitles with the flags of the corresponding language. Select any of the file and you shall start seeing subtitles in the playback.

Manual method

Just in case if none of the above mentioned methods work for you then here is a manual method that works no matter what. This method requires basic knowledge of importing subtitles that is why it is mentioned at the last.

In this method you have to manually download srt file for the movie you want Greek subs for and import it.

As the Import process will vary from every software, I will assume that you already know how to import subtitles.

Here is a list of sites from where you can download Greek subs for movies.


This list of subtitles sites should be more than enough for your subtitles needs.

If you have any questions or suggestions then feel to drop them in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this tutorial with others on social media and that’s it for me. You have a great one.


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