Download music from SoundCloud in iPhone No Jailbreak

Soundcloud is a really awesome audio streaming service which allows music stream for free. There is no monthly premium that you are required to pay. You can download MP3 music files from Soundcloud in your android phone without needing root, but unfortunately in iPhone and iPods it requires Jailbreak and Souncloud++ which is not possible on latest iOS 9.2 or later.

Don’t worry, today I will show you how you can download MP3 songs from Soundcloud in your iphone without needing to jailbreak. You can also listen to it while you are offline.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor is responsible for any piracy you end up doing. This guide is strictly for Educational Purposes and shall not be used for commercial intents.

How to download MP3 music from Souncloud on iPhone No cydia

This method is tested and only published when found working. If you are facing any issue then feel free to drop us a line below and I will be more than happy to assist.

Video Guide:

  1. First of all you need to be connected to the internet.
  2. Open Safari browser on your iPhone and copy the following URL in the address bar.
  3. Now you will see a webpage from where you can install DownCloud app. This app allows music downloads from soundcloud on iPhone without cydia. Just tap on the Install button in the top right corner as shown in the picture below.How to download songs from soundcloud in iphone without jailbreak
  4. After that you will see this pop up, Tap on install and then another pop up will come which will ask if you want to allow to install DownCloud in your iPhone. Just tap on install and the installation will start.
  5. Now press Home button and you will see DownCloud icon on your homescreen. Tap on it to open and then you can search for any music track from soundcloud.
  6. DownCloud allows you to download, Stream and create playlists so you can enjoy your music collection on the go.

Alternate method:

For some people the above mentioned method may not work, for them I have found another workaround. This will work on any iOS 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 device. No jailbreak No cydia required. We are going to use cloud method similar to what we did in our Download torrents in iPhone without jailbreak guide.

Video Guide:

  1. For this method to work, you have to download and install official SoundCloud app which I have linked soundcloud songs in iphone without cydia
  2. You will also need VLC player and I hope that you already have it installed but if not then it is also linked soundcloud music tracks in iphone no jailbreak
  3. Once you have both of the apps installed in your iPhone, open SoundCloud app and search for the music track you want to download.
  4. Play the track and copy the URL of that song. For reference I have shown screenshot below.How to download songs from soundcloud in iphone no cydia
  5. Now open Safari web browser and open this link.
  6. Paste the URL you copied from the SoundCloud app in there and tap on Convert button.
  7. On next page you will see some progress. Then the website will provide you the download link.
  8. Click on the Green button with name of the song you wanted to download.
  9. Safari will open the song but it wouldn’t give you any download link.
  10. Now copy URL of the page and Open VLC player.
  11. Slide in from the left side and you will see a menu, select Downloads from there.
  12. Now paste the URL you copied from Safari, and press Download. VLC will start downloading that sound track for you.

Congrats! Now you can download and listen to soundcloud songs on your iPhone offline. No jailbreak required. If you found this post helpful then please share it on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Also follow and subscribe us on youtube.


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