Install Popcorn Time on iPhone without jailbreak – iOS 9 10

If you want to watch latest movies and tv shows on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch then you have landed on right page. Today I will show you how to install latest version of Popcorn time on iPhone. No Jailbreak required, 100% free and working on iOS 9 and 10. You can install Moviebox without jailbreak and Kodi as well. But Pop corn time has it’s own place.

Disclaimer: This tutorial is only for educational purposes and I am not responsible for any of the consequences. Downloading and watching movies or tv shows is a serious crime. It comes under the radar of piracy and I will not take any responsibility of what ever you end up doing.

Install Popcorn time on iPhone, iOS 9 and 10 without jailbreak

Before I start to show you the step by step method of the installation, I want to mention that this is not “No computer Needed” method. You do need a computer for this method to work. Doesn’t matter Windows or Mac, it will work on both.

Make sure that latest version of iTunes is installed on your computer. It is not needed to be running, just needed to be installed. You will also need a lightning cable to connect your iOS 10 device with the computer.

  1. First you will need to visit this page from your computer and download Cydia Impactor from there. Make sure that you are downloading the version which is built for your computer.
  2. Once downloaded, Install or Extract it on your Mac or Windows respectively.
    If you are on Windows, simply right click on the downloaded zip file and click on “Extract all” and follow the on screen instructions and it will extract the zip file for you.
    If you are on a Mac computer, Double-click on the .dmg file and once it asks, drag and drop the Impactor icon on to the Applications folder.
  3. Next, Open up Cydia Impactor and connect your iOS 9 or 10 device with your computer. Make sure that it is showing up inside Cydia Impactor as I have my iPad showing up. If it does not show up, you will need to re-install iTunes and restart your computer after that.Install popcorn time on iOS 10 without jailbreak
  4. Now download the ipa file for the Popcorn Time app from one of these links.
  5. Once downloaded, simply Click-n-drag the IPA file and drop it inside the Impactor window. Don’t click any button inside the impactor, Just drag and drop the IPA file.
  6. Cydia Impactor will ask you for your Apple ID. Don’t worry it is 100% safe but still if you have some doubts, Here I answered all of your questions about Cydia Impactor. You can make an Apple ID if you are not feeling like inserting your main Apple account in Cydia Impactor.
  7. Now just wait for the Popcorn time app to show up on the screen, if you see “Apple Developer warning” while installing, just click OK. It’s normal. If you face some errors in installation of Popcorn time, here are all the errors and their fixes.
  8. Once you see Popcorn time app on your iOS 9 or 10 device, disconnect your iDevice from your PC. Turn ON Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet and go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device management and here you will see your Apple ID. Simply open that up and trust it by clicking on the trust button.Install popcorn time on iOS 10 without jailbreak
  9. Once done, Open Popcorn time app from the homescreen of your iDevice and start watching Latest Movies and TV Shows for free.

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Video guide:

That is it for this quick tutorial, if you were able to install popcorn time on your iOS 9 or 10 device without jailbreak then make sure to share it with your friend and followers. Also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Keep visiting for more tutorials like this one and I will catch you guys soon with some other cool stuff related to iPhone and iOS 10.

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