A couple of weeks ago we covered how to install Kodi on iPhone without Jailbreak using Windows and then we covered how to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick using Kodi. Both of these tutorials got a lot of appreciation from our readers and now we have decided to introduce the official DrGeeky Wizard for Kodi. Today, we will discuss what we made the wizard for and how our readers can help us make it the ultimate wizard for best Kodi Builds & Addons.

DrGeeky Kodi Wizard for Builds & Addons

When we posted tutorial related to Kodi, a lot of people asked us about the best Addons & Builds. And as we all know, Kodi without Addons is like a body without soul. The best way to bring top of the line Addons & Builds to our readers was to make a wizard for you guys.

The official DrGeeky.com wizard is not your regular wizard that will cover Builds & Addons from a specific creator. We are planning to make an ultimate Kodi wizard which will have all kinds of Builds that you can think of. You can also give us suggestions and we will keep on updating your suggestions into our wizard. Just drop your suggestions in the comments section or send them over via Facebook and we’ll take care of the rest.

What is a Kodi Add-on?

For those who are not familiar with the concept of a Kodi Add-on, let me shed some light on this for you.

Kodi is an open source media center program which you can install on many devices, including iPhone. Kodi by default doesn’t have any content. This is where Addons come in. There is an add-on for almost every type of content and that add-on will bring your favorite content to your fingertips.

What is a Kodi Build?

Now a lot of people know what is an Add-on but they don’t know what is a Kodi Build. As I mentioned earlier, there are different Addons for different kinds of content. For example, if you want to watch live sports, you will need a different add-on and for movies, documentaries, cartoons, you will need different Addons.

What if you want to enjoy all of the above, and more, at once? Well, you can search & install all Addons one by one but that takes a lot of time. This is where Kodi Builds come in. Basically, it is a unique combination of all the essential Kodi Addons that one would need. You can simply install a Kodi Build and all the essential Addons get installed automatically for you.

You can add the following source url to your Kodi file manager and install the official DrGeeky wizard.


Currently, there are not a lot of Builds and Addons in the wizard but we will keep on updating it with more content. If you have a suggestion for us to add, feel free to contact. Just to be clear, we will not add any adult content to keep the environment family friendly.


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