iTransmission for iOS 9 Free Source

Downloading torrents on iOS can become really challenging as Apple does not allow download on torrents on their iPhones or any other iOS device. Today I will tell you how to download torrents on iPhone and iPad with iTransmission for iOS 9.

iTransmission for iOS 9

As I mentioned above, you can not download torrents on iPhone by default. Why? Because Apple doesn’t want you to do piracy on their product. Thanks to Saurik for cydia and TaiG/PanGu teams to release iOS 9 jailbreak. Jailbreak allows you to do certain things that are not permissible by default. If you don’t have jailbreak already, jailbreak your iOS 9 device now else you can’t download torrents.

How to install iTransmission in iOS 9 for iPhone/ iPad or iPod.

Just to make your life easier, I have made a video showing you how to install iTransmission in iOS 9 to download torrents. If you don’t want to read through the tutorial, just watch the video and you’ll be good to go.


This is a written step by step guide to show you how exactly you can get iTransmission 4 for iOS 9 free that actually works.

  • First of all you need to be jailbroken and if you don’t have cydia installed on your device, you can install it using PanGu/TaiG jailbreak tools available on their website.
  • Once you have cydia installed in you iPhone or iPad, navigate to Sources tab inside cydia and then click Edit button in the top right corner of display.
  • Download torrents itransmission free ios 9
    Now tap on Add button in the top left corner of the display and add the following source and tap on add and then tap on Done.
  • Once cydia finishes loading the packages info, tap on search button in the bottom bar and search for “iTransmission 4 for iOS 9″

Itransmission for iOS 9 free download

Install it in your iPhone and you should have iTransmission in iOS 9 device. It is recommended to restart the device to make sure your device doesn’t go in safe mode which it should not. But in case your device is going in safe mode, its because of some other cydia tweak conflicting with iTransmission.

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