iTransmission without jailbreak on iOS 9 and 10 – Torrents on iPhone

In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to install iTransmission without jailbreak on iOS 9 and 10 devices. iTransmission is the best torrent client ever built for iOS 9 and 10. Today I will show you how to download and install iTransmission on iOS 10 without jailbreak.

Disclaimer: Just in case if you are living under a rock or simply don’t already know, most of the torrents are used for illegal stuff like movies and tv shows. And that comes under the radar of digital piracy. I am only showing you how to install iTransmission and not encouraging you to download copyrighted content using it.

What is iTransmission?

If you have some exposure to the Linux operating systems, you might already know about Transmission. It is one of the most famous torrent clients available on Linux. iTransmission is also built on the same framework but it is built to run on your iPhone or other iOS 9/10 devices.

iTransmission will let you download torrents on your iOS 9/10 device but as you already know that there is no way you can open the file manager on an iPhone unless you jailbreak it. This does limit the functionality of iTransmission a lot. If you just want to enjoy movies and tv shows on your iOS device without jailbreak then here is a better option.

Limitations of iTransmission without jailbreak

Before we start the installation process of iTransmission, I would like to mention here something that might change your mind of installing iTtransmission. As you might already know that iTransmission is only available as a Cydia app, and if we are going to install it on iOS 10 or 9 without jailbreak, it is going to come with some limitations.

Basically, iOS handles the apps different than how Android or PC does it. So whenever you press the home button, the app will be hibernated. Which means it will stop working unless that app has audio related service like music playback. iTransmission will also get closed if you will press the home button or lock the device.

This means that you wouldn’t be able to download torrents while checking your email or Twitter.

There is a workaround for that, but it is a little creepy. Read till the end, and you will find out about that workaround.

iTransmission without jailbreak on iOS 9 and 10

Before we start, I would like to mention that this is not a  “No computer needed” method. You will need a computer. Also, you will need to download the IPA file for iTransmission from the link given below.

Itransmission without jailbreak ios 9 10

You will also need to download Cydia Impactor from the official website.

  1. First of all, make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, download it from here.
  2. Once you have all of the stuff downloaded, we are ready to get iTransmission without jailbreak on iOS 9/10 devices.
  3. First, open the Cydia Impactor zip file and extract it somewhere convenient. Make sure to extract the whole zip file and not just the exe file.
  4. Now double click to open the impactor.exe file. If you are on a Mac computer, then you will need to install Cydia Impactor just live any other app.
  5. Once you have impactor open in front of you, connect your iOS 9/10 device with your computer via lightning cable.
  6. Next, you need to make sure that your iDevice is showing up inside Syria impactor. If it is not, you either didn’t install iTunes or have to install it again. Also, try restarting your PC after iTunes is installed.install itransmission without jailbreak on iOS 10
  7. Assuming that you have your iOS 10 or 9 devices detected by Cydia Impactor, just drag and drop the iTransmission IPA file inside the impactor. Don’t click any button in Cydia Impactor, just drag and drop the IPA file.
  8. Now you will see a pop up asking for your Apple ID. Just enter any valid Apple ID which is under your use. Don’t worry your Apple ID is safe. You can also make one up if you are skeptical.iTransmission without jailbreak ios 9 10
  9. After that just wait and let the impactor do its thing. If you see a popup warning saying that your Apple developer certificate will get revoked, don’t worry. Just hit ok.

If everything went well, you would see iTransmission on your ios 10 devices. But you can not use it yet.

You will need to trust the developer certificate which is your own in this case. Simply go to Settings > General > Profiles & device management and there you will see your apple id. Just tap on that and then trust it.

Once done, you can launch iTransmission and start downloading torrents on your iPhone.

Before you leave and come back after 1 week saying that it has stopped working, I want to tell you that this method will only work for 7 days because Apple’s developer policy don’t allow people to sideload apps longer than that. Unless you have a developer account which costs a lot of money, you will have to redo it every week.

Just in case if you are wondering, yes you can install Kodi, and other apps like Snapchat hack on iOS 9/10 without jailbreak using the same method. Guess what? It also works for Apple TV 4.

So now you have installed iTransmission without jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad, you can just use the in-app web browser to open any torrent site and add torrents to iTransmission from there. But unfortunately, you can not minimize iTransmission or put your phone to sleep if you want to keep downloading the torrents.


Keep downloading torrents on iTransmission

If you go inside the settings of iTransmission app, you will see an option called “Background Downloading” and there you will need to enable both of the toggles.itransmission without jailbreak on iOS 9 10

Doing this might increase CPU and RAM usage because the app will keep using the microphone of your iDevice even if it is not in use. That is because audio services are the only one that an app can use while it is not open. You can use this option if you feel good about it. I find it a bit creepy, but it is what it is.

Thanks for sticking till the end and if you are reading this part, then please make sure to share this tutorial with your friends and let them know about this method of getting iTransmission without jailbreak on iOS 9 and 10. Follow us on twitter for future updates, and I will catch you real soon.


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