Kodi on iPhone without jailbreak on Windows – No XCode No Mac

Installing Kodi on iPhone can quickly become a headache, specially if you don’t have jailbreak. Sure, there are a ton of tutorials available online which allow you to install Kodi on iPhone without jailbreak but those tutorials are very much useless for majority of iPhone users. That is because you need Mac OS, XCode and have to follow a whole bunch of steps that a normal iPhone user can’t. Today I will show you how to install Kodi on your iPhone without Jailbreak on any OS, without XCode as well.

In other words you will be able to install Kodi on your iPhone or iPad using your Windows computer. That is exactly what I will be doing in front of your.

Disclaimer: Before I start with the process, I would like to tell you guys that you will need a computer, it is not a “No Computer Needed” tutorial. Now you might be thinking then what is the use of this tutorial then? Actually it is a lot simpler for those who don’t have access to Mac and XCode, or simply don’t want to go through all the hassle of XCode project creation.

Install Kodi on iPhone, iPad without Jailbreak No XCode or Mac Needed

First of all you will need to download a couple of files on your PC. Doesn’t metter if you have, Windows, Mac or Linux, It works the same. I have listed all the files, programs and hardware you will need for this tutorial to go smoothly.

  1. You will need iTunes installed on your PC, doesn’t have to be running. Just have to be installed.
  2. Lightning or 30-pin cable to connect your iOS device with PC.
  3. Un-signed Kodi file. Link here OR here OR here. Just in case if the links stop working, here is a step by step guide to convert .deb file of kodi into kodi.ipa.
  4. Cydia Impactor for your Computer. This software is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. So no problems of having iOS app signer and XCode and all that stuff. Link here.

Install Kodi without jailbreak and XCode

  1. Connect your iPhone with your computer, and make sure that it is turned ON.
  2. Once your computer detects your iOS device, you can proceed to next step. If iTunes or some other program pops up then close that first.
  3. Extract the Impactor zip file somewhere in your computer and Open Impactor.exe. Don’t select “Run as Administrator” for Cydia Impactor.install kodi on iPhone without jailbreak and XCode
  4. Make sure that your iOS device is detected by Cydia Impactor. Like in the image shown below, My iPad is detected by Cydia Impactor.install kodi on iPhone without jailbreak windows
  5. If there are multilple iOS devices in the list, select the one that you want to install Kodi on.
  6. After that Drag and drop the ipa file in Cydia Impactor. The ipa file you downloaded from the links given above. (If the links are not working then please comment below and I will update them, I hope my readers will help me making the mirrors 😉
  7. Now Cydia Impactor will ask you to Enter your Apple ID. Don’t worry, Cydia Impactor comes from /u/saurik who made Cydia. The program is as secure as it gets. Just in case if you don’t want to use your Apple ID, make a new one for this purpose.install kodi on iPhone without jailbreak windows
  8. Once you have entered Apple ID credentials, it will start signing the ipa file and will install it in your iPhone or iPad. This can take a couple of minutes so just grab your drink, sit back and relax.
  9. If you see any warnings while installation, just press OK. Basically it is saying that It may cause some hiccups in your workflow if you are Apple Developer, Which probably isn’t the case.

With in a couple of minutes you will see Kodi in your homescreen. You can not open it yet. To open Kodi, you will need to manually trust the developer certificate which is your own in this case. Go in Settings > General and right under the VPN, you will find “Profiles” , “Device management” OR “Profiles and Device management”

Go inside this option and trust the profile which has your Apple ID. While trusting your developer certificate, stay connected to internet otherwise it will give you error. Now you can Go back and open up Kodi. Congrats and You’re Welcome. Make sure to check Top Kodi Addons.

Video walk through

Before you leave, just keep in mind that you will need to resign Kodi again using Cydia Impactor after 7 days. This is the policy of Apple, can’t do much on that. But at least it is a lot easier to do than XCode.


Within a couple of days, I got great amount of Support, Questions and some criticism as well. So I am updating you guys with some answers to the question I am getting asked very frequently.

Q #1: How to custom sources in this version of Kodi to get unofficial addons?

A: If you are in a perception that this is not a official Kodi build then you are, kinda, right. Officially kodi is available in a .deb file for iOS users. This is a converted file which is converted from .deb to .ipa

Other than that, it’s 100% original. Many people are having problems with the look of Kodi in their iPhone. Actually Kodi has a different theme for Touch-enabled devices as compared to tv and PC. What you have to do is Click the Wrench button in bottom left corner in Kodi, Go to Appearance and change the theme back to “Confluence”

This will give you classic Kodi-look that you guys are missing.

Q#2: Do I have to setup Kodi addons again after 1 week, when it stops working?

A: The thing is Kodi is signed using your Apple ID, you installed your favorite kodi addons and everything was great. Then after 7 days, kodi stops working. This is because Apple allows free users to sign the app for only 7 days.

Now, you don’t have to worry. Just don’t delete Kodi from your iDevice. Go back to your PC and follow this guide again. And your Kodi will restore from the same spot where it stopped.

If you ended up Deleting Kodi when it stopped working, you have to do all the work again.

If you have any questions, just drop them in the comments below and I will try to update this tutorial as much as I could.

Last thing that I want to say is, if you write a how to guide, please make sure to link back to this page. Share it with your friends and help them get Kodi on their iPhone and iPad without needing to Jailbreak or Mac and XCode. Because its all done on Windows. 😉

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