Moviebox for PC Windows 7/8/10 and Mac

Moviebox is an excellent piece of software if you want to watch Movies and TV Shows. Unfortunately, Movies is not available for PC, but don’t worry, Today I will show you a simple trick to get Moviebox for PC Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS.

MovieBox has all the latest movies and TV Shows available as soon as they are released. This is the best software for movies. Before I start showing you how to get MovieBox for PC, I want to make clear that MovieBox is an illegal source of pirated movies and I do not recommend you to download or use it. Watching movies without buying is illegal, and you can get in trouble.

How to get Moviebox for PC Windows or Mac OS

Just like in our Clash Royale tutorial, we will be using BlueStacks 2 because MovieBox is available for Android and we can simulate Android on PC. You can read our guides on how to root Bluestacks 2 and how to play Clash of Clans on PC tutorials if you wish. Let’s get started and get our Moviebox on Windows PC.

  1. First of all, you will need to download BlueStacks 2 Emulator from this link. If you want a pre-rooted BlueStacks 2 Android Emulator, you can get it here.
  2. Once you have downloaded Bluestacks, you will need to install it. For Windows users, the process is very much simple. Just double click and open the exe file. Now follow the on-screen instructions, and you should have BlueStacks installed on your PC shortly. If you are MAC user, you will need to open and run the dmg file, and after that, you will need to drag and drop the BlueStacks icon in the Applications folder.Moviebox for PC Windows 7 8 10 Mac OS
  3. After Bluestacks is completely installed on your PC, open it and go through the initial setup process. You will also need to add your Google account in Bluestacks. Otherwise, it will keep bugging you and trust me it is annoying.
  4. Now you will need to download the APK file of MovieBox for PC from here. This app is the same file which is used in Android pc free download
  5. Once Done, open the folder where you downloaded the Moviebox APK file and double-click on it. Make sure that Bluestacks emulator is running in the background when you double-click the APK file. It should get installed on your PC, and you can use it inside the Bluestacks emulator. Just in case if the APK file is not being recognized by the emulator, you can drag and drop the APK file inside the BlueStacks emulator, and it should get installed.

That is it; now you should have Bluestacks for PC installed and working inside the BlueStacks emulator. If you are facing any issues, you can see BlueStacks alternatives for PC given below.

What are the alternatives of Moviebox for PC?

This section of the tutorial is only for those who either don’t like Moviebox on their PC, or they were unable to install it. Luckily, there are many similar software and apps that you can use on your PC, and many of them also work natively on Windows/MAC OS without any emulator.

ShowboxMoviebox for pc 2017 free download

Showbox is another great android app which is as good as Moviebox, if not better. There are thousands of movies and tv shows available in Showbox for free. To use it on PC, you will need to use the same exact method as Moviebox and replace the APK file with this Showbox APK file.

Popcorn Time

Just in case if Bluestacks is not working for you and none of the apps are working for you, Popcorn Time is a great alternative of Moviebox for PC.

Unlike Showbox and Moviebox which requires Android Emulator, Popcorn Time is a native PC program. You can install it just like any other program, and it works out of the box. The way it works is quite ingenious. Whatever movie or TV show you will search, it will scan through all the torrents for that search term and start playing that video after a couple of seconds. Isn’t it great?

The only drawback of this program is that it doesn’t encrypt the link between your computer and the torrent source, which can cause you quite a trouble. Luckily you can download any VPN program and hide your location from the authorities.


You might be surprised to see VLC on this list, but today I am going to show you a method that you can use to play Movies on VLC without downloading them. Yes, you will be able to stream movies in VLC on your PC. Isn’t it the best Moviebox for PC? 😉

Movie box for PC windows 7 8 10 Mac OS

All you need to do is download the VLC Player and then follow the instructions given below, and you will thank me later.

  1. Open this link in your web browser and signup for a free account. This website allows you to download torrents in the cloud and stream them via VLC Player or even your web browser.
  2. Once you have successfully created your account there, log in to your account and now open a new tab in your browser.
  3. Here you will need to open any torrent site; I will not mention any particular sites, but there are tons of different available online.
  4. Now you just have to search for your favorite Movie or TV Show and copy magnet link of any torrent that you think is healthy enough. (The more seeders a torrent has, the healthier it is considered to be.)
  5. Next, go back to the previous tab where you have your account logged in. Here you will need to paste the magnet link that you just copied. You can see the image for reference.Moviebox for PC
  6. The movie will be downloaded in your cloud account within seconds, and then you can easily copy the link to the actual video file.
  7. Open VLC Player and press Ctrl+N and paste the link that you copied in the step #6.
  8. As soon as you click the Play button, the movie will start playing.

That is it for this quick post on Moviebox for PC and some of the best alternatives for the same. If you found this tutorial helpful and liked what you just read then make sure to share it with your followers and friends on social media. Follow us on twitter @d_geeky and keep visiting because we are your source for every tech tip and trick.

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