NDS4iOS Download on iOS 9 – 10 without jailbreak – No Computer

NDS, Nintendo Dual Screen is one of the most famous consoles ever released by Nintendo. A lot of us were grown up playing games like Pokemon and Mario on our NDS. What if you are able to relive those memories today? You can do it with help of NDS4iOS on iOS 9 10 devices. Today in this post I will show you how to install NDS4iOS on iOS 9 and 10 without jailbreak. Before we start, let me tell you that NDS4iOS download is a little tricky and you have to follow the steps exactly in order to get it working. Otherwise, it will not work.

NDS4iOS download on iOS 9 / 10 without Jailbreak No Computer

  1. First of all, connect your iPhone or iPad to the internet and open Safari browser.
  2. Now I want you to click the download button given below. This will show you a pop-up asking if you want to install NDS4iOS on your iOS 9 device without Jailbreak. Just press Install.NDS4iOS download iOS 9 and 10 without jailbreak no computer
  3. As soon as you will press the “Install” button on the pop up. You will have to go back to home screen.install nds emulator on iphone without jailbreak
  4. There you will see a ghosted logo, here you have to turn on AirPlane Mode while the logo says “Installing”. This part is a little tricky. You will need to be quick if you want it to successfully install. I have attached a video of showing the exact process below. You can see that for reference.
  5. When you see nds4ios installed on your home screen, you have to disable Airplane mode and turn on the internet.
  6. Now Go to Settings > General > Profile and Device Management here you have to trust the Developer Profile labeled as, “Fujian ohm Software Co., Ltd.” nds4ios download on iOS 9 and 10 without jailbreak

Congratulations! You have successfully Installed NDS4iOS on iOS 9 and 10 without Jailbreak. As now the NDS4iOS download was successful and it is working on your iPhone, you might be wondering how to add games to it? Let me show you.


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How to add games in NDS4iOS

  1. Go to App Store and Download FileMaster app. For your ease, I have attached a direct link to that. Just press the button below and you will be redirected to App Store.NDS4iOS download iOS 10 without jailbreak
  2. Once you have it installed, download your favorite NDS game from the internet. I have provided a link to the site that I use for my NDS games. (Don’t download the games if you haven’t bought it) Link
  3. Search for the NDS game you want to download and wait for it to download on your iPhone. Unfortunately, the download progress doesn’t show up in iOS but you can follow the video walkthrough for reference.
  4. Once the download is successful, you will need to press the “Open in” link and there select “FileMaster”NDS4iOS download ios 9 10 without jailbreak no computer
  5. In FileMaster, tap on the rar file of the game. It will ask if you want to extract it, go ahead and extract the rar file.
  6. Next, you will see your game in the .nds file format. Here you will need to tap on hold the .nds file and select zip. This will zip it up and put the zip in the same folder.NDS4iOS no cydia ios 9 10 without jailbreak
  7. Now press and hold the .zip file that you just created and select “Open with” option from the menu.
  8. Here you will see nds4iOS in the list of apps. Select that and it will put the game right inside it.

Alternate Emulator for NDS4iOS

Just in case if the above mentioned methods stop working in future, here is an alternative nds4ios emulator. Great thing about this is that it works on iOS 10 without jailbreak.

  1. Open safari web browser in your iOS 9 or 10 device.
  2. Now open the link given below in safari, and it will ask if you want to install Happy chick emulator on your iPhone.NDS4iOS on iOS 9 and 10 without jailbreak
  3. Tap on Install and go back to the home screen.
  4. Wait for the emulator to install.
  5. Once the emulator is Successfully installed, go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  6. Here you have to trust the developer profile associated with Happychick emulator.
  7. Once done, go back to home screen and now you can open Happychick and start installing NDS games on iPhone.

Keep in mind that these methods are not permanent and might get revoked at any time. So enjoy the ride while it works.

There you have it, folks. NDS4iOS download and install on iOS 9 and 10 without jailbreak and without a computer. If this method gets revoked in the future, let me know in the comments section below and I will try to find a new working one for you guys. Make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel for latest updates and keep visiting DrGeeky.com for new tutorials.

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