Polus for iOS 9 Updated – Working

With over 300 different app icons and toggles to choose from, Polus for ios 9 is best tweak for customizing Control center toggles. Recently the developers updated Polus for iOS 9 and now the tweak works flawlessly without any stutter or crash.

Lylac for ios 9 is also an awesome tweak for control center customization

Polus for iOS 9

There are more than 300 apps that you can add in control center and launch the app from there directly. Basically the icon acts like a shortcut to actual app. More info about Polus for iOS 9 is quoted below from official repo.

With over 300 app icon glyphs included, Polus allows you to put any app in your Quick Launcher with the native-feeling app glyph being applied automatically. You can also manually search for a glyph, download more on Cydia, or even create more yourself!

With several hundred icons included, Polus allows you to put any app, action, or toggle into the bottom/top (quick launcher/toggles) sections of your Control Center, with the native-feeling glyphs applied automatically. You can also manually search for a glyph, download more on Cydia, or even create/release more yourself! Template available on our on GitHub

Polus also opens up a world of endless possibilities via the ability to set unique activator actions to occur whenever a button is tapped on, or tapped and held.

Furthermore, Polus allows you to fully customize the Quick Launcher’s layout, size/shape, apps per view and much more, to suit your own tastes.

Here are some of the screenshots from bigboss repo where polus for ios 9 is available

Polus updated for iOS 9

polus cydia tweak for ios 9


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