Popcorn Time without VPN : Enjoy movies for free

Ever wished that you could watch unlimited movies and tv shows for free on your computer without getting in trouble? Want to watch popcorn time without VPN? Today I will tell you how to watch movies and tv shows on Popcorn Time without VPN.

If you are reading this tutorial, you probably already know that there is a built-in VPN service inside Popcorn Time that you can subscribe to and use the program anonymously. But what if you want to use popcorn time without VPN for free? In theory, you can probably use it without VPN, but that can get you in trouble very soon.

Popcorn Time streams movies and tv shows from torrent sources and this are completely illegal and send you behind bars. There is a very easy, simple and free way around and I will show you exactly that.

How to use Popcorn Time without VPN for free?

VPN is a type of encryption as well as a proxy that you can use to mask your original IP address and also encrypt all of your internet activity. Typically your online activity is not encrypted, and anyone can see what you are doing online. With a VPN, all of your internet packets are encrypted, and no one can know what you are doing online.

Disclaimer: In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to use Popcorn Time without VPN. This tutorial is purely for educational purposes and should not be utilized for any illegal activity online. Neither I nor drgeeky.com will be responsible for your actions.

  1. The first thing that you want to do is go to whatismyip.com and take a note of your IP Address and location. Don’t worry; your IP address was always public so different servers and organizations can use it to track your location for things like geo-blocking etc.
  2. Now you will need to download Psiphon VPN Client. This is one of the best free VPN clients that you can use on your devices. Click the link given below to go to the download page.Popcorn Time without VPN
  3. Once you have downloaded the VPN Client, open the exe file, and it will automatically connect you to a server in a different location. You might be redirected to a couple of different pages, that is normal. Just kill those redirects.
  4. After the VPN connection is established, open whatismyip.com again and now you should see an entirely different IP and location. If you see you original location being reported, reconnect the VPN.
  5. Once the IP and Location details are masked, download popcorn time on your computer and Open it. If you already have it installed, simply open it and watch whatever you like. As long as your IP Address is masked using VPN, you are safe.

The best part about Psiphon VPN is there are multiple VPN servers, and your original IP address is never revealed. If one server goes down, you will be connected to another one.

How to use popcorn time without vpn free

So that is it for this quick tutorial on how to use Popcorn time without VPN if you found this tutorial helpful then make sure to share it with your friend and don’t forget to follow us on twitter and facebook for future updates. If you have any questions, suggestions or queries, make sure to leave them in the comments section below.


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