A couple of days ago I posted a quick tutorial on how to hack your location in pokemon Go on Android but that needed Root. Today I found a working method of mod or hack Pokemon Go on Android without Root.

Disclaimer: The hack I am showing here for Pokemon Go is not recommended by me. That is because it kills the basic purpose of the game which is to make you go outdoors and explore your neighbourhood. This tutorial is just for those who want to hack their Pokemon Go location because they are physically disabled or if You are in a location where you don’t find any new pokemons.

Because of Huge differences between android devices, This hack might not work for you depending on a lot of different variables. I have attached a video showing this hack so that you can see that it works.

How to Hack Pokemon Go on Android without root?

Before I start, I would like to mention here, that I am not responsible if your Pokemon Go account gets banned. Eventhough it is virtually impossible to detect this hack, but still it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Download and install Pokemon Go on your android phone. Although we will be hacking pokemon go, you need to have the official version installed.Pokemon Go Hack on Android
  2. Now you have to download an app called Fly GPS. This app allows you to have a fake location as well as a Joystick. So that you can move around while relaxing in your couch.Pokemon Go Modded apk for Android
  3. Once you have both the apps installed on your Android Phone, Go to Settings > About Phone. There you have to quickly tap on the “Kernel version” untill you see a confirmation that you are now a developer.
  4. Now Go back and Open Developer Options inside the Settings app and Tap on “Mock Locations”. It will show FlyGPS in next window. Select Fly GPS.
  5. After That you have to go into Location settings and make sure that Location is set to High Accuracy. This will not work if you have it set to GPS Only. Cause FlyGPS requires you to have it set to High Frequency. This helps in hacking the location in Pokemon Go. You will also need to make sure that Location History is turned on.
  6. That is all you need to do with settings. Just launch FlyGPS app from the app drawer. There you will find a map. Move to the location where you want to hack the pokemon Go and just tap on the map location.
  7. Now Tap on “Please Select the menu” and the Select “GPS Service Run” and “Joystick Location Mode”
  8. You should now see a pop up message basically saying that the spoofing was successful. Just launch the Pokemon Go on your Android phone and you will see yourself in that location you selected in FlyGPS map. You will also see a joystick so you may walk around with fake location on pokemon go.

How to keep pokemon Go hack working – Avoid Ban

Apparently there are a lot of people getting in to this trouble. Basically you guys are leaving footprints of the hack, and Niantic is able to soft ban you. And then you are unable to catch any pokemon or Gym. So why is it happening and how to avoid getting banned?

First of all, don’t hack your location in pokemon go that much that it becomes obvious that you are hacking. In other words, if you are hacking the location and move from 1 town to another with in minutes, then anyone can tell that you are hacking the game. Just move around your actual location and keep it realistic.
Don’t close Pokemon Go while the location is hacked. Suppose If you are in a totally different location in the game and then all of a sudden you press the home button and close the game as is. All good untill now you again open the game after 10 minutes and you are in your home. This is obvious footprint that you are hacking the location because no human can walk 100 miles in 10 minutes. Simply use the joystick to walk back to your home and then you can close the game.
If you have “Walk back to home” button then you should use that and once you are back home, close the game. Hopefully now you guys wouldn’t get banned while using pokemon go hack.

How to hack location in Pokemon Go on Android


Many of the readers were complaining that they can’t get the above mentioned process work on their Android phone. That’s probably because I have marshmallow android phone and you have lollipop or older version.

Good news is that their is a way you can hack Pokemon Go on any android phone using Lollipop, Kitkat or even Jelly bean.

  1. Firat of all you have to download the tutu app from this link.
  2. Go in Settings > Security and make sure Unknown Sources is toggled on.
  3. Now go inside the file manager and install this Apk file in your Android phone and open it up.
  4. There you will find hacked version of Pokemon Go. Go ahead and download it from inside the tutu app.
  5. Once downloaded, you will need to install it. Go inside file manager and install the pokemon go apk file.
  6. Now you can delete the tutu app if you want to. Enjoy the hacked version of Pokemon Go on Android without root.


Many people were complaining that Pokemon Go hacked version is no longer available in tutuapp, that is becauseof so much traffic they were receiving. Here is a direct link to the Pokemon Go hacked apk that works on every Android version from 4.4 kitkat, 5.0, 5.1, lollipop as well. I know this is not 0.35.0 latest version but if you use this version you shouldn’t have any issue. As soon as new version comes out, I will updatethis page so keep visiting.

Thats it for this quick tutorial, I will try and update this tutorial as much as possible if I find any other working pokemon go hack that work without root. If you have any suggestion, make sure to drop them in the comment section below and also make sure to share it with others if it works for you.


    • If you know how Android works, You will know that Android devices vary a lot. Hacks like this one might work for one and don’t for others.

  1. Every time I throw a poke ball at a pokemon it rolls 3 times than ecapes and runs immediantly, also I cant use any pokes tops even though I see them it just keep spinning.

  2. If my phone is rooted, it means that the hack wouldn’t be able to work ? Or am I wrong? Cause my phone is rooted and the hack doesn’t work.

  3. I just used it and it was fine fir a while and suddenly it stoped working
    Now i cant catch pokemons or use pokestops
    I can move and the pokemons around me are shown but its like it works only partially…

  4. It still works for Some of my friends… I can’t find the fly GPS on allow mock location.. The app isn’t available to click on. Says “nothin

  5. The pokémon go system does detect on 31.0 update. You will know when it has detected and blocked you from doing anything by 1. Pokémon runs away immediately after first failed pokéball every time. 2. Pokéstops will be blue, but nothing will ever come from them. 3. General error notification when attempting an interaction.

    I have been able, off and on, to use the hack. But I advise you stick relatively close to where you actually are. Because, on my phone, galaxy S7 edge, location frequently does a quick toggle back to my standard location. Also, once they notice you’re cheating, I advise going into settings and clearing all data for the game, waiting 1-2 hours, and trying again. These are indicators of a temporary soft ban. No real worries as of yet, because they have not set in place a perm ban system.

  6. Man …. it’s shows the joystick
    But no Pokemon or poke stops or gyms
    And if. You dont mind shows us what devices are available cause I’m injured right now and I just wanna catch Pokemon

  7. Works fine here LG G4 h815 international. got soft banned few times but then I just walked around my town for a bit collecting pokestops and it was fine. Didnt get soft banned after that.

  8. Guys its simple. This will onlh work woth marshmallow or above. Till android 5.x, clicking on allow mock location will be detected by niantic and they will shut their game for you. So if you want to cheat in that game, you have to root it. After that 2 methods.
    1- install xpose frame work and install “mock mock location” module and follow same procedure as mention above.
    2- go to play store and download fake gps (make it apk file and uninstall)
    Note: fake gps must be blue compass logo no other work
    Than install lucky patcher
    With help of lucky patcher install fake gps as system app.
    Open fake gps > settings > expert mode [on].

    Click on location you wanna go and you can go.
    Note: you cannot move from your location. You have to move by opening fake gps again and changing your location. So dont take big leaps or you will get soft ban. I am in hurry so pardon for bad grammer.

  9. Hey I am not getting option in developer of mocking app it only shows as allow mock location , please help to get it work

  10. Under locating Method, I want to choose only, GPS because , I’m figuring “GPS,Wi-Fi, and mobile networks” is what’s causing me to flicker back to my real location and then back to my fake designation.

    FakeGPS only works with the “GPS,Wi-Fi, and mobile networks” method of Locating.

    Any thoughts? I’d like to stop flickering locations

  11. I’m running s7 edge did all the steps start up flygps ,do all the stress see joystick but soon as I jump out to start pokemon flygps shuts down

  12. the fly gps is working. im running 5.1.1 on my rooted lg tribute 2. the only problem im having with fly gps is while im sitting in australia collecting pokemon, the fly gps will crash and then i have to immediately close the game so as not to get another soft ban… ive been banned many times when im not paying attention and all of a sudden im back home… all i want to do is catch a kangeskahn… is there any way to make it to where this app doesnt close so frequently? ive even went as far as to make fly gps a system app and it still crashes regularly… any suggestions would be super helpful.

    • id also like to add in here that i turned off the fused locations in all three spots (fusedlocations google play services and location services) to try and stop the rubber band effect of being back home. everything is working up until the app crashes and im right back at my front door.. i also have hide mock locations using xposed. im not sure what else to add here as ive done everything right, the only issue is the crashing of fly gps.

        • Hello im using the Galaxy s7 Edge. I have the fly go app and everything is all set up correctly. Now When i did poke stops it worked fine and taking gyms was also good. How ever when i went to another country no poke stop were working??? and then when i went back to my original location they too stopped working. So i restarted the whole process which included re downloading Pokemon go. And this has still not fixed the issue. Just wondering if i have done something wrong?? or its just a bug?

          • Yes, You have done it wrong. Just imagine, can you travel to another country and come back home instantly? No you can’t. This is how Nianctic detects the hacks and ban you.
            You have been temporarily banned from playing pokemon go my friend. The trick is to not teleport, because once you do that, you are banned. Also don’t forget to walk back to home before closing the game. That makes it real in the eyes of Niantic.

  13. Pokemon Go from tutuapp doesnt work on my phone, i already install it but it get stock on loading after i choose what account to be use., android 5.0.1.. please help me. thanks!!

  14. Pokemon go app not showing in tutu app I’ve also tried this on my friend’s mobile but it is not showing. What should I do?

  15. Hey Steve,
    Running Android 6.0.1 on my Huawei Nexus 6P, and all the pokemon I find using this app seem to ‘run away’ even after 3 rolls. Same with all the pokestops in the area – they keep spinning, but no items drop out.

    Any idea if this has been patched up lately? Thanks!

  16. fly gps work on my android lolipop but.. i can’t use the poke stop and no pokemon at all…

    can u help. the problem..
    maybe, i got wrong on instalation proses…

  17. Sir Steve I did install the tutuapp in my phone(acer liquid zen630)install the pokemon mod there and everything work but the problem is after I input my account it keeps loading and loading nothing happened?…i cant access to the game any help on that?…thank you

  18. I try the missed Pokemon but it stuck on loading I try everything even fly gps but not working .I also download Pokemon go from tutuapp but it’s a regular apk not moddded…..

  19. I really need your help. Because pokemon go is not released in India still.previously we were played by apk.mirror app but after game has banned totally pokemon go is not working.we are waiting over a 3 months. I need a solution to play pokemon go. Current game play is like simply showing the road maps but not showing the gyms and nearby pokemons .please help us to over come this problem.

  20. NIANTIC updated there ‘system’ so only the recent version of pogo can be played (I’ve read that older versions are now blocked).
    As far as I am aware all rooted phones can not now run pogo.
    If you have a phone running Android marshmallow there are two apps you can use to change location; 1-Fly gps 4.0.6(devslab), 2-GPS Joystick (not sure what version). Number 1 works more reliably and tends not to ping you back to your actual location as much as No2.
    You WILL almost certainly get a soft bans at some point using either version. A soft ban means you can see everything but all pokemon will run away and you can’t collect from pokestops. To get rid of the soft ban go in and out of a pokestop, spinning it, 40 times (or until the pokestop puts out.
    P.S Looks like FPM(fastpokemap) MAY be up with in a few days.
    Laters, Benjirocka x
    Oh yeah please don’t give me shit if it’s now changed and I’m wrong now. Working as of 10/22/16

  21. From what I’ve been reading here I’ve been getting soft bans on my un hacked version.
    It does jump locations quite a bit though.

  22. Steve, I have a Zone 3 running lollipop 5.1.1b and when i downloaded the modded pogo app (that’s been taken down from tutu again), the mod app won’t even open for me. Is my phone just not able to run it, or am i just getting a bad download?

  23. Unable to use the hack with tutuapp in my lollipop version. Every time when I open the pokemon go game it shows unfortunately pokemon go has stopped

  24. I got the hacked version downloaded through tutu but it just comes up with unable to verify whenever I try to log in. Has this been patched by niantic?

  25. Sir I download pokemon go mod from tutu app but when I try sign in its failed so give another trick RK download

  26. Also getting the “unable to authenticate. Please Try again.” Message. I believe this is due to pokemon go servers checking the apk as well as mock locations on.

  27. So does the autowalk mod no longer work? I’m disabled and want to be able to play more but don’t want to get banned. Thanks for info and help.

  28. It does not work on my redmi note 3,i have android 6.0 marshmalloe,it always says failed to detect location,i am really tiered of trying this hack,i tried in all ways,but never ever worked for me……

  29. Hi,

    I have a android 5.0.1 huawei p8-lite ALE-21.. which i rollede back from 6.0 to 5.0.1
    Unfourtunatly, i still get the error `Failed to detect location.` in pokemon go.
    Mock locations is activated, gps fly is active and shows me on that assigned location in pokemon go… but game rejects.
    If i disable mock locations, it works

  30. Im unable to use it on my z5 premium, it does not allow me to change it to fly gps in mock locations,under developer mode. Any suggestions?

  31. I downloaded it but it wont wont open. It just says something on another language and pokemon go! At the end of it. I have a galaxy 8 version 7.0

  32. Fly gpd stopped after gen 3 update.I caught a couple of new pokemons in the initial days of gen 3 release but then no new spawns even in cities like New York and London.Now even m not getting gen 1&2 spawns.All i see is natu,pidgey and sentret.But when I log in using my other acc i get all the new and old generations.Also tutu app is now not working on android and ur link for tutu is also not working.

  33. I downloaded the app from your link today. Installed it but when I tried to open it, it won’t open. When I tap it the app doest open and at bottom of the screen some message in chineese appears


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