Snapchat hack without jailbreak: Snapchat++

Snapchat is no doubt one of the most hottest social media apps nowadays. It seems like everyone is going crazy on it. Today I will show you how to install hacked version of Snapchat on your iPhone without Jailbreak on Windows. Yes! You heard it right – Snapchat hack without jailbreak. This will work on iOS 8, 9 and iOS 10 as well. This hacked version of Snapchat is also famously known as Snapchat++ for iPhone.

Lets get rolling. Now this method is already used in my Install Kodi on iPhone without Jailbreak using Windows tutorial. If you have already read that tutorial then all you need to do is replace the ipa file and you should be good to go.

snapchat hack without jailbreak

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Snapchat hack without jailbreak via Snapchat++

As you already know that I am using Snapchat++ on iPhone without Jailbreak to perform this method. I will be using windows in this tutorial but you can use Mac or Linux as well. The process in exactly Identical. But you will need a computer to make this tutorial work. If there is “No computer needed” method available in the future then I will make sure to update.

You will also need lightning or 30-pin connector depending on your device.

  1. Remove Snapchat from your iPhone before proceeding. This might conflict with Snapchat++
  2. Make sure you have iTunes installed in your computer. It doesn’t need to be opened, just make sure it is installed.
  3. Connect your iPhone with your computer and close iTunes if it opens up.
  4. Download the latest ipa file of Snapchat hacked version from the link given below. You will also need to download Cydia Impactor. Link to that is given below as well.
    Install Snapchat++ without jailbreak windows


    Install snapchat hack on iPhone without Jaikbreak Windows

    Cydia Impactor

  5. Extract Impactor zip file on your computer and Open Impactor. If you are on Windows 10, don’t use “Open as Administrator”
  6. Now Drag and drop the Snapchat++.ipa inside the Cydia Impactor. You don’t need to click anything inside the cydia impactor, just drag the ipa file and drop it in there.install snapchat++ on iPhone without jailbreak windows
  7. Cydia Impactor will ask you to enter a valid Apple ID. It doesn’t need to be the Apple ID that is used in your device. You can use any Apple ID just make sure that it is a valid account.install snapchat++ on iPhone without jailbreak windows
  8. Now the ipa file will get signed using your Apple ID. Wait for a couple of minutes and it will show up on your iPhone.
  9. After it is installed on your iPhone, go in Settings > General > Profiles and there you have to trust your developer profile from there.

Now go back to homescreen and open up Snapchat++. Congrats you have successfully installed Snapchat++ in your iPhone without Jailbreak.

Before You guys leave, just want to let you know that this process is 100% safe but you will need to re-sign the snapchat hack after 1 week. That is because Apple doesn’t allow free certificates to sign apps for longer that 7 days.

I hope that you’ve found this quick tutorial helpful and you were able to perform the steps of this Snapchat hack without jailbreak guide. Be sure share it with your friends and circles on social media. Also you can subscribe to on YouTube for exclusive video tutorials. Thanks.

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